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Cindy (*not her real name) is a young girl aged 13 years of garden compound in Lusaka with a disability. She has speech impairment and can’t walk properly. This little girl was sexually abused by her own father, who took advantage of her disability. The father was doing this for ritual purposes in order to boost his business. He started abusing this little girl since the age of five. Since the girl could not talk, all she did was cry but her family mistook the crying to be as a result of her disability.

In the year 2016, the girl got pregnant. When the father discovered that the daughter was pregnant, he went and bought the medicines for her to terminate the pregnancy. When the girl refused to take that medicine, she was threatened with death. With no other option, she painfully took the medicines for fear of having her life ended. In the process of abortion, she experienced some complications that needed to be checked by a medical doctor. The medical checkup at the clinic reviewed that the girl had a pregnancy which was aborted. This shocked the family and neighbors because the girl was ever at home. They asked who was responsible for the pregnancy but she kept quiet as she was afraid of her father. Not until her young brother, who saw the father raping her, reviewed it to the family.

When the perpetrator (the victim’s father) was asked he totally refused, and only confessed after being arrested by the police. He revealed that he was using his daughter for rituals. Whenever he slept with the girl, his business did very well.

From that dreadful ordeal, Cindy could not manage to sit upright. All she did was laying down, which led to her developing bed sores and subsequent death.

Sometimes, the perpetrators of these crimes are not strangers but people very close and trusted. Person with disabilities deserve respect on an equal basis with others, as guaranteed for in our national Laws.


Written by

Margaret Kamwi