ZAFOD Launches Its Thematic Observation Report on Accessibility of the 12 August 2021 General Election for Persons With Disabilities

ZAFOD calls on all stakeholders, particularly the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the Zambian government to recommit to the inclusion and full participation of persons with disabilities in Zambia’s electoral and political processes. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lusaka – September 28, 2021. The Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD) launched its report on its Thematic […]

ZAFOD Preliminary Statement – 12 August 2021 Election Day Observation for Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

ZAMBIA FEDERATION OF DISABILITY ORGANISATIONS Preliminary Statement on the Observation of the 2021 General Elections 13 August 2021 Summary The Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD) observed both the pre-election environment and election day processes in 60 districts across all 10 provinces of Zambia as part of the organization’s thematic observation of the 2021 general […]

Statement by the Zambia Federation of Disability Organisation (ZAFOD) and Disability Rights watch (DRW) on expectations from the new UPNF government

AUGUST 24, 2021 For Immediate Release Vice-Chairperson Mr. Paul Mbew – ZAFOD The Zambia Federation of Disability Organizations (ZAFOD) and the Disability Rights Watch (DRW) wish to convey heartfelt congratulatory remarks to the newly sworn-in 7th President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. We take recognition and draw inspiration from your […]

Thematic Observation of Accessibility of the 2021 Elections for Persons with Disabilities

In the lead-up to the elections, the Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD) conducted a limited observation of the voter registration exercise to assess the accessibility of the registration process for persons with disabilities. Several barriers to the full participation of persons with disabilities were identified and remained unattended to. As such, Zambia’s August 2021 […]

End Exclusion! Rights for All!

ZAFOD and MHUNZA are implementing a joint project, “Advancing the Right to Legal Capacity for People with Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities in Zambia”, with financial and technical support from OSISA and IRIS. The END EXCLUSION! RIGHTS FOR ALL! Initiative seeks to advance the right to legal capacity for people with mental health and intellectual […]

Advancing Disability Equality Project- ADEPt

The Advancing Disability Equality Project (ADEPt) seeks to directly deal with cases of discrimination and human rights violations against persons with disabilities throughout the country. To establish principles and precedents which help to achieve the attainment of improved rights of persons with disabilities.